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He means every word.

This teaser for season 3 of Showtime’s #HouseofLies will not prepare you for the storm headed Marty Kaan’s way, but it will give you a glimpse of the cleverness I get to stew in everyday at work. Inspired by excellence. Obsessed with learning everything I can.

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Tender and Playful X-Ray Portraits of Couples →


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This is my cat.

His name is Bart. He’s named after the Flash. He’s the smartest cat I’ve ever had; he knows how to play fetch and loves it (with hair ties!) He talks back when I tell him to get off things.  He was the runt of his litter, and I’ve had him since he could fit in a teacup, four and a half years ago. He’s always been curious, and I think it may be why he ended up eating something he shouldn’t.

Bart’s in the hospital as of today, because he hasn’t eaten anything in four days. I took him in Monday, and they gave him fluids and a shot of anti-nausea meds, but they admitted him tonight. Already, the bill’s approaching $1000 - and he’s likely to need surgery, which is going to add on another $2500 to the bill, and that’s not including the hospital stay. I’ve always tried to help out people when I can; if I have and someone else needs, it’s better to help and just tell them to pay it forward. I’d rather someone help someone else, than pay me back. But right now, I need help. First, and the most important thing: If you need some sort of graphic or webdesign work, I’m a professional web designer. I’ve been doing it in some form for nearly a decade. I do business cards, websites, email, logos, resumes, stationary, you name it. Please, if you have any work you need, I’ll do it. I’m desperate. I’m calling my student loan company in the morning and begging them to refund what I’ve paid them and put my loans in deferment so I can pay for this.

Second - I need help. If you don’t have work, but you do what I do (helping those in need, and either would like to be repaid OR want it just paid forward), I’m seriously asking. I’m terrified, and he’s still a baby to me - he’s only four and a half, and he’s so full of life and loves everybody. 

So, yeah. Please, please, consider either hiring me, or if you have it in your heart and money to spare, donating. My donation address is asoehnlen@gmail.com on either Amazon Payments or Paypal. I will either pay you back (if you want!) or pay it forward. I promise. If you are potentially looking to hire, message me and I’ll send you my portfolio website, and believe me, you’ll get a deal of a lifetime. (Edited to add: I’ve maxed out my Care Credit— the 516$ I had free as well as the 200$ from monday are now in my vet’s hands, and if I can get them to refund my student loan payment that’s another $503. I’m doing what I can and grasping at straws, but I just figured I’d ask. <3)

Thanks again,


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Snuggie Kid’s Guide To The VMAs of the Day: MTV asked Snuggie Kid for a preview of tonight’sVMAs, and he was more than happy to deliver. 

If the show producers have any sense at all, they’ll put him onstage. 



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Morning Fluff: Wakko + Skrillex — some things are just meant to be.


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Splendid, has to be the best tumblr on this. Follow Mo Farah Running Away From Things.

He looks terrified.  He should be.


Splendid, has to be the best tumblr on this. Follow Mo Farah Running Away From Things.

He looks terrified. He should be.

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Brother just left his job and is talking about visiting mom in Somalia. Must be something in the genes, all us Moham’s running to The Dark Continent after leaving out respective careers. If he does it soon, he’ll beat me by one year. Travel changes perspective, it’ll be good for him to see the world. He must take footage for me.

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Little Steps

Sent scripts to an agency yesterday. Felt mild panic and fear after submitting them but also felt this calming prescence tell me, “don’t worry. This is it. They’re gonna love it.” The panic went away and I’m just in this moment of zen. For weeks, I’ve played the numbers game, how to pay bills, what to sacrifice but looking at my life as a whole, I realized that despite moments of adversity, it always works out really well for me. I dont know what lies in store for me but whatever happens with these scripts, my bills, etc. Its just good to be reminded, it always works out.

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